Write Your Own Lyrics

From Joanie Flynt (July 17)

We once were known as peacekeepers
But now are funding jetfighters
Oh Canada, our once good name!
Makes thoughtful citizens ashamed

Three more verses...

Who stopped funding N-G-O’s ?
C-Fifty One was a new low
Rights and freedoms under law
Have been corroded, been outlawed

Who undermined democracy?
Of freedom made a mockery?
Whose lack of vision, lack of heart
Whose arrogance is off the chart?

Who muzzled his own ministers?
Whose reasoning is sinister?
Well John & Peter left the flock
Now it’s time for you to walk

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  1. New song against Harper: Go Harper Go. Check it out! https://youtu.be/THLpY_lSmLA

    (Lyrics: William Sloan.
    Music: The Battle of New Orleans.)

    Stevie messin’ up our country now
    Far too many years
    Hide behind religion while he
    Preyin’ on our fears
    Oil men richer while he
    Takin’ us to war
    Bankers makin’ money like they
    Never ha’ before

    Go Harper Go
    Time for you to travel
    Go Harper Go
    Time for you to pack
    Go Harper Go
    Go Harper Go
    Just Go and don’t come back.

    You took our Kids and you
    Sent ‘em on a Trip
    An Afghani tour with a
    Rifle on their Hip.
    Kandahar Timmy serving
    Donuts to da Hawks
    When the tour is over some’ll
    Travel in a box.


    Freezin’ our asses off
    On a picket line
    Boss calls Stevie on his
    Private Line
    A Word to the Wise to a
    Well greased Wheel
    Strike is shut Down with
    Harper’s Iron Heel


    Israel kills another
    kid in Palestine
    Stevie there cheerin’, proud ta
    Be da firs’ in line
    I know yer a buddy wit yer
    Pal in Israel
    But you ‘n’ Benny Netanyahoo
    Travelin’ to hell.


    Tearin’ up the forest and yer
    Diggin’ up the land
    Water turn’ to Shit to get the
    Oil out of the sand
    Oil on a train, any
    One’ll do the trick
    Less you drinkin with a friend down in
    Lac Megantic.


    Corporations hardly
    Paying any taxes
    We goin’ into debt just so
    They get rich
    They wearin’ silk pajamas, bankin’
    Down in the Bahamas
    Cuttin’ social programs people
    Sleep in a ditch.


    I don’t have to worry, and I
    Never talk alone
    CSIS and the others always
    Listen to my phone
    Big Bruda in a house know ‘is
    Judgment never fail
    Evah hava doubt about it
    Throw us all in jail.


    Long gun registry’s a
    Thing we didn’t need
    Restrictin all our freedom so we’re
    Followin’ yer lead
    Use’m on the terrorists
    We’ll have ‘em on the run
    Ev’ryone should have a gun
    Killin so much fun.


    Lifestyle Senators are
    Absolutely Fab
    Put it their pocket and you
    Put it on the Tab
    Corruption Conservative
    Election time arrives open
    Up your bag of tricks

    Coffee shops and Banks usin’
    Temporary Staff
    Copy the Kuwaitis
    With the Wages cut in half
    From Pakistan or Mexico they
    Bring ‘em in in waves
    Instead of immigration, they’ll be
    Comin’ in as slaves


    First nations family
    Living in a shack
    Kid sniffin’ glue from a
    Bottle in a sack
    Suicides up and the
    Women disappear
    Just another day walkin’
    On the trail of tears.


  2. Who believes he can buy your vote
    Thinks money will keep his boat afloat
    He buys those ads on CBC
    He can buy Mike Duffy, but he can’t buy me!
    Harperman it’s time for you to go

  3. I can’t see the lyrics we posted but when I tried to put them in again, there was a message saying it was a duplicate. Where are the rest?

  4. Who’s overused omnibus bills (Harperman, Harperman)
    Whose laws will cause more oil spills (Harperman, Harperman)
    Anti Muslim politics
    Elections he tries to fix

    Who fudged costs of F35’s? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who threw out library archives? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Toyed with lives of refugees
    Increased info access fees

    Who got rid of Kevin Page (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who causes folks to disengage (Harperman, Harperman)
    Master of the backroom deal
    Lose in court and then appeal

  5. Who would never, look you in the eyes
    Harperman, Harperman,
    Was it cause you, told some lies?
    Harperman, Harperman,
    Your nose looks like, that other guy’s,
    Now it’s time to say, our goodbyes,
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go.

  6. 2008 you apologized…Harperman, Harperman
    It was just a trick to hide your lies…Harperman, Harperman
    We’re all united hand in hand/
    You’re standing on unceded land/
    Harperman it’s time for you to GO!

    1. New verse:

      His majority, we know it’s a fake
      We’ve had all the lies that we can take

      Instead of listening to the people’s cause
      His PR man is the Wizard of Oz

  7. A dictator hiding in a democracy,
    Harperman, Harperman,
    Debasing Canadians for the world to see,
    Harperman, Harperman,
    Spewing lies wherever he goes,
    What’s the truth, who the hell knows;
    Harperman it’s time for you to go.

    An “economist”, don’t make me laugh
    Harperman, Harperman,
    He’s out to lunch, like his Chief of Staff;
    Harperman, Harperman,
    A Billion here, A Billion there;
    Don’t mind the Vets, ‘cause you don’t care;
    Harperman it’s time for you to go.

    Keeps bringing in Omnibus Bills;
    Harperman, Harperman;
    It seems that’s how he gets his thrills;
    Harperman, Harperman;
    Claimed he was for Senate reform;
    Then loaded it up and now has to weather the storm,
    Harperman it’s time for you to go.

    He seems to be a one trick pony,
    Harperman, Harperman,
    With an oil based economy,
    Harperman, Harperman,
    He really has made Canada suffer,
    But with real leadership we shall recover,
    Harperman it’s time for you to go.

  8. Lyrics for Harperman:

    Who cares about the way he looks,
    Harperman, Harperman.
    Has the best hair in his own books,
    Harperman, Harperman.
    Spending our money on Dippity-Doo,
    And if you say anything, he’ll come for you,
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go.

    Who doesn’t like to be criticized,
    Harperman, Harperman.
    Tangled up in his own lies,
    Harperman, Harperman.
    Selling his soul to the bitter end,
    Well, he’d better get “a little help from his friends”,
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  9. Who takes resources from the ground?
    While privatizing all the Crowns?
    We get no equalization pay,
    So might as well say ‘NO DAMN WAY!’
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go.

    And don’t come to Saskatchewan either.

  10. a verse I came up with today and will be singing in Salmon Arm thursday with the song

    Will we end up on your list, Harperman Harperman
    of those your calling terrorists, Harperman Harperman
    For showing up to sing this song
    C 51 is wrong wrong wrong
    Harperman its time for you to go

  11. Since it’s topical, I came up with this verse which I hope we’ll be singing in Toronto…

    Who says “no” to refugees (Harperman, Harperman)
    Blames it on security (Harperman, Harperman)
    Says the answer’s dropping bombs
    On innocent kids and their Moms
    Harperman it’s time for you to go.

  12. Sung to the tune of “If you love your Uncle Sam”

    No credit claimed by me. I was inspired by the news.

    If you love your fellow men,
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    You know the choice is clear.
    Bring them here, bring them here.

    It’ll make Steve Harper sad, I know.
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    He’d rather tangle with the foe.
    Bring them here, bring here.

    He wants to flaunt his weaponry.
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    But this lacks humanity.
    Bring them here, bring here.

    I may be right, I may be wrong.
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    But I got a right to sing this song. (wait for applause)
    Bring them here, bring them here.

    For defence you need common sense,
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    They don’t have the right armaments,
    Bring them here, bring them here.

    The world needs teachers, books and schools,
    Bring them here, bring them here.
    And learning a few universal rules,
    Bring them here, bring them here.

  13. Who doesn’t much care for the Ayatollah Khomeini?
    But he loves George Bush and Dick Cheney.
    And oh, what a tangled lie he wove,
    About his bromance with Karl Rove.

  14. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  15. Here’s a verse for you:

    Who stole my pension and stole yours too
    If you’re born since nineteen sixty-two

    Who’ll trade away with the TPP
    Our milk and eggs and society

  16. Hello moderator…thank you for what you guys are doing…I truly believe this song will help get rid of stephen you know who…the song educates the masses about stuff a lot of people were/are, unaware of, so that makes it really great….I wrote a verse a couple of days ago, but some of my wild salmon friends asked me to change the last line, as we want to sing it on the 17th out here in BC…I can’t seem to delete it or make any changes…hope you’ll oblige us and delete the other one in exchange for this new version thank you 🙂

    Who loves his filthy salmon farms? (harperman, harperman)
    Who cares not if they do great harm? (harperman, harpermanu)
    Our scientists muzzled so we can’t see, wild salmon swimming in virus tea, and harperman it’s time for you to go

  17. Who led us to recession?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Whose party loves corruption?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Who forgets his claims overnight?
    Slams other parties when they’re right?
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

  18. Who cuts funds to our archives
    How will we know the truth from lies
    How will we keep our history
    Archives protect democracy
    Harper man it’s time for you to go.

  19. It seems that all your close buds lie
    harperman, harperman
    But you’re so perfect in YOUR eyes
    harperman, harperman
    your faults are too many to list
    your arrogance will not be missed
    harperman it’s time for you to go!

  20. Who ran this country into the ground?
    Harperman, Harperman!
    No more money going ’round
    Harperman, Harperman!
    Whose arrogance caused a deficit
    This country is tired of his s***!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  21. Who loves his filthy salmon farms? (harperman, harperman)
    Who cares not if they do great harm?(harperman, harperman)
    Wild salmon swim in virus tea, and they are crying “please help me” and harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    1. Steve plays piano in a band (Harperman, Harperman)
      He ignores our Newfoundland (Harperman, Harperman)
      Told us “Don’t f_ _ _ _ my country”
      Manolis oiling up our sea!
      Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  22. Who promised Full Transparency? (Harperman Harperman)
    Then shrouded his office in Secrecy? (Harperman Harperman)
    But can Spy on Canadians just for fun
    Thanks to Bill C-51

    Harperman its time for you to go

    Who stacked the House of Sober Thought? (Harperman Harperman)
    Dirty Senators who all were bought by…. (Harperman Harperman)
    And when exposed, his only writ
    “Guess it’s time to abolish it!”

    Harperman its time for you to go

  23. Who wants to build a pipe 1000 miles long?
    to make up for his flaccid dong?
    Thrusting south won’t help you steve
    Time to pack your stuff and leave

    Who lets his prick invade his pride?
    wants to build a new one 3 feet wide?
    I’m sorry but Laureen will tell
    You’re keystone’s never been XL

    Who’s bombing Syrians east and west?
    Who loves his corporate interests?
    Strange you’re suffering from ED
    When big oil strokes you so faithfully

  24. Who wants to get tough on crime? Harperman! Harperman!
    Spend our taxes on those doing time. Harperman! Harperman!
    While children live in poverty
    And they don’t have enough to eat!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Who wants to keep THC banned? Harperman! Harperman!
    Buries his head deep in the sand? Harperman! Harperman!
    Who cares what the research says!
    To hell with best practices!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  25. Who rewrites our history?
    (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who tramples on the least of these?
    (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who’s “firm hand on the steering wheel”
    Will drive us all to World War Three?
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  26. Thank you so much Tony for speaking out and being a catalyst for Canadian’s to have a single voice against Harper and his tyranny! Here’s my lyrics to the song, imaging it going with some bassy distorted Neil Young-esque electric guitar!

    Who won with help from Robocalls? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Advertising with our money like shopping malls? (Harperman, Harperman)
    He won’t support our world war vets, he’s bad for us like cigarettes!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Who seems to deny climate change? (Harperman, Harperman)
    His bullying tactics full of rage? (Harperman, Harperman)
    He’s cutting public service jobs, instead he’s serving private sector slobs!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Who gutted our Fisheries Act? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Made our scientists unable to act? (Harperman, Harperman)
    He’s put all our bets on the oil sands, but we need a more diverse plan!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Who’s taking us for pawns and fools? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who’s got a haircut that just isn’t cool? (Harperman, Harperman)
    His rhetoric, it never stops, he’ll sink our ship until it flops!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go.

    Who’s as dated as beta tape? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Who likely has pointy teeth and a matching cape? (Harperman, Harperman)
    We’re all tired of your dictatorship, we can’t take anymore of your lip!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Please listen to us, the people you serve! (Harperman, Harperman)
    We’re trying to make our direction curve! (Harperman, Harperman)
    Can’t you see we’re all unhappy? Even other countries are getting grumpy!
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

    Harperman, where ya gonna run to?
    Harperman, where ya gonna run to?
    Harperman, where ya gonna run to?
    On Election Day?

    1. Remember everybody to vote strategically in the election for the best candidate [highest numbers] in your riding so that Harper is ousted from office, and the progressive vote doesn’t get split between the liberals, greens & NDP like it did last time with Harper winning on only 39% of the vote. To get polling information on who in your specific riding can beat out the Harper/Conservative candidate [and make one less seat for the Conservatives], go to the non-partisan group online who is solely concerned with ending the reign of the Harper government: — Votetogether.ca [a Leadnow or WeLeadnow strategie] so we can really give Harper the boot this time

  27. Who laid off the meat inspector? (Harperman, Harperman)
    Public safety ain’t the priority of the tax collector (Harperman, Harperman)

    From Listeriosis and Lac Megantic
    Your sordid tenure makes us sick!
    Harperman its time for you to go

  28. Who snubs his nose at social history (Harperman, Harperman)
    “Civilization” off our museum marquee (Harperman, Harperman)
    While over half Parks-Can Archaeologists
    Are now but history – just like Franklin’s ship
    – – – – – –
    Who sings lip service to John Lennon’s song (Harperman, Harperman)
    Imagine no more Harper, just sing along (Harperman, Harperman)
    Say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one
    Who wants to vote him out so we can right his wrongs

  29. Who killed the Marijuanna legalization bill…Harperman Harperman
    who is keeping kids from not being ill…Harperman Harperman
    Cancer treatments all a go ….take phamicudicals ….it’s a thrill…..No marijuanna…..Harper it’s time to go…..

  30. Tony, thank you so much for this. See you in September.
    Harperman’s Values
    Whose values clearly aren’t the values of the Canada I grew up in,
    And certainly not the values of the Canada, I want to leave my children.

    Harperman’s Economic Mgmt. Record
    Focused Canada’s economic development plan on dirty oil and big international pipeline plans,
    Then pissed off all his and Canada’s allies around the globe, including USA,
    Who doesn’t know not to build the foundation of their business on the commodities market,
    Or understand that working and partnering with others achieves best positive results.

    With 10 years of cuts to programs and services, somehow accompanied by 7 years of deficits,
    Went on a massive spending spree, and increased Canada’s debt by $150 billion,
    But had promised it would only be 2 years and $80 billion.
    And yet had inherited a $13 billion annual surplus, from the Liberals.
    Where did all that money go.

    Had Chretien cowered to his demands in 1990s,
    To deregulate Canada’s banks or face massive recession,
    Canada and Canadians would have suffered the USA’s fate of 2008.
    Instead, Chretien said stuff it, and Canada was the envy of the world.
    And Haperman took the credit! And still continues to spend like crazy to this day.

    This is some of the worst economic mgmt. and dishonest leadership Canada has ever seen!
    It sounds more like economic and democratic suicide!

  31. I’m not permitted to agree as I am a public servant….. But it’s a great message for our politians to wake up and listen to the people!!

    I’m not much of a song writer but you really must add the bullying to public servants has got to stop! And cutting public services to a point that only a few are helped is unacceptable!

  32. Silent as a crow, perched on his leased throne;
    He sits in the middle where the trench is divided
    Watching as the lower house crumbles to his hands
    Like a case of e coli digging deep in the gut
    Cold eyes calmly gleaming as his rabid dogs bark
    Unloaded rage of blind partisan vitriol
    He’s a good homage to Richard the III
    Leading by hiding in his closet of skeletons

    Here’s to the glory of Dear King Stephen

    Officious as a mandarin, pompous as a pope:
    A peerless understudy of fascist ambition
    For parliaments his oyster, ripe to be sequent
    And the courts to be squeezed until their his pulp;
    Now away with Judges and their activists creeds
    Put the charter of rights down by the guillotine
    Maim Freedom, and scare, fatal wounds to liberty
    Suspend without warrant man’s right to protest

    Here’s to the glory of Sweet King Stephen

    He puts a deadbolt on any room for debate
    Scoffs at the scholars and buries them with red tape
    Marches off detractors like Japanese prisoners
    Into the desert where Science is reproached
    While the media he cages with cat skilled paws
    Dodging questions with aloofness of a conjurer
    Escaping the shells of journalist enquiry;
    His majesty solemnly schemes backroom felonies

    Oh to the glory of Good King Stephan

    His diatribes are dry like intelligent design
    Calculating, taciturn just like his dead grin
    Never has an android looked better in a suit
    When he’s off proselytizing puppets to recruit
    God made him pure in his blood tory blue
    To the rich that he prays and the poor that he chews
    Comes soulless the skinflint suppressive psychopath
    Hear lies the grave, of your past, called the middle class

    Thanks to the Grandeur of Nobel King Stephen
    For the remaining interval our democracies foreclosed
    This country needs the strap in the right pair of hands
    To clandestine appointments at tax payer expenses
    Accrue the legislator the right to his overture
    Tar Mining Baroness that write out his cheque book
    Stockholders, shareholder for the democratic rabble
    Watch out as the ballots casts down his victory
    Oh for the glory of Big brothers benign tyranny

    Here’s to the fortunes of Great King Stephen

  33. Who is bashing union rights (Harperman, Harperman)
    Bill 3-7-7 we will fight (Harperman, Harperman)
    That’s not accountability
    Just right-wing ideology
    Harperman, It’s time for you to go!

  34. change is stuck in our minds minds,
    harper you can run all you want,
    your days in power are numbered oct 9 plus 10,
    you can blame right to left’
    you don’t care about respect..
    harperman harperman its time for you to go…




  36. Who takes away your citizenship? Harperman Harperman
    Who restricts the voter list? Harperman Harperman
    Who takes a check from Uncle Sam,
    Ready to be Big Oil’s man?
    Harperman it’s time for you to go

  37. We all know who’s got to go…

    No honour for veterans
    No help for the sick and injured
    No respect for native rights
    Because of Harperman Harperman

    Prisoners now paid $2.00 per day but a phone call costs $1.75 less than sweatshop wages, no money for school supplies or Christmas….they’re crying too
    Who took away protection for our waterways?
    Harperman Harperman
    Merchant of fear
    Harperman Harperman
    Who thinks we’ll forget come election day?
    Harperman Harperman


  38. Whose bills are one big omnibus? Harperman, Harperman
    Our rights? Who stomps on all of us? Harperman, Harperman
    He throws his aides under the bus
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

    Who ships explosive oil by the train? Harperman, Harperman
    Who leaves the grain upon the plain? Harperman, Harperman
    He shuts down farms and won’t explain
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

  39. Whose bills are one big omnibus? Harperman, Harperman
    Our rights? Who stomps on all of us? Harperman, Harperman
    He throws his aids under the bus
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

    Who ships explosive oil by the train? Harper man, Harperman
    Who leaves the grain upon the plain? Harper man, Harperman
    He shuts down farms and won’t explain
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

  40. In May 2013, I came up with this adapted version of “Imagine” by John Lennon…

    Imagine there’s no Stephen
    It’s easy if you try
    No Duff to screw us
    Stone Wallin no more

    Imagine all the people
    Seeing he’s not Wright

    Imagine our poor country
    Harperland, so sad…
    Nothing but greed and lies
    A brotherhood of cons

    Imagine all the people
    Living as they should… You hoo…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    Let’s hope that soon we can dump him
    And our land… will be again.

  41. Who didn’t know about Nigel’s cheque?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Who wouldn’t stick out his own neck?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Who hid out deep in the PMO
    And gave Mike Duffy the old heave-ho?
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go!

  42. I was so glad when Yoko Ono put a stop to Harper after he tried to sing a lennon composition.
    Using “Imagine” as a template,………..
    Imagine no environment,
    it isnt hard too do, nothing but
    Tar sands and fracking, the sky is no longer blue,
    Imagine all the people voting and giving Steve the heave..
    …………………….ok.. more lyrics to add

  43. Who sends our tax dollars other places
    Ignores all the starving faces
    has no respect for our native friends
    we hope his time is at an end
    Harper man its time for you to go.

    and I mean that in the nicest way

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