Tony Turner retires to sing another day!


Ottawa, October 2, 2015 – Tony Turner, the federal scientist whose popular political folk song “Harperman” became a YouTube sensation when it was reported he was under investigation for alleged violation of the Harper government’s 2012 values and ethics code, has chosen to retire rather than wait days or even weeks longer to learn his fate from his employer, Environment Canada, says the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC).

“I have always believed I acted within my rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and that I was not in a conflict of interest with the department’s values and ethics code,” said Turner, whose notice to retire took effect yesterday. “I have always maintained impartiality and objectivity in the conduct of my duties.” “That said,” added Turner, “when Environment Canada suspended me earlier this summer, I was assured a quick investigation and decision. That has not happened, and I have decided it better to retire and continue to express my views as all Canadian citizens are entitled to do.”

“Tony has been through a lot as a result of this investigation and its delays,” added PIPSC President Debi Daviau. “His decision to retire in no way injures his own rights or those of other federal public servants under the Charter. Those rights were affirmed decades ago by the Supreme Court of Canada. But his decision to retire today does free him to speak and perform without fear that it will impact his employment. Sadly, it is a fear too many public servants must currently live with. That’s why promoting and defending the Charter rights of all our members will continue to be one of our fundamental priorities.”

6 thoughts on “Tony Turner retires to sing another day!”

  1. I’ve always been a Classic Rock kinda guy but I Love this Song… Thanks Tony! Pretty sure Harperman got the message.

    Congratulations to All.. Canada won the Election.

  2. Tony- the first time I heard Harperman, I must tell you I had tears in my eyes realizing how much guts it took to stand up to the trashman Harper. I’m 71, have been voting since 18 and cannot believe the verisimilitude of Harper and his gang. If I hadn’t been all over the net and seen how much Harper and his garbage party has corrupted Canadian values, I don’t think I’d have believed it!!!
    This is the best reason possible to see why religion _NEEDS _
    to be confined to churches, etc and at home to prevent the like from happening ever again. Harper is very coy, though, as I’m sure you’ve noted.. He never drags his religion into the ring, but pushes its’ tenets regularly, so as to get the ideas into peoples heads, and they will _THINK_ the crap he peddles is gospel truth.
    It seems this foolishness he pushes about ”his” economic management” is what ”saved” us in 2008. That one gave me a good laugh!! If Paul Martin, and Chretiens’ prudence in refusing the U.S. desire to have us deregulate the banking industry hadn’t stuckh, we’d have gone down the tubes, along with them.. Maybe it would have been worth it- at least people wouldn’t have believed the Cons B.S.
    I don’t know what ultimately, you’ll be doing after we (HOPEFULLY) chuck Herr Harper on Monday, but I know it’ll be something productive.. May the force be with you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was an EC employee during conservative reigns and it was dreadful. Secretaries and support staff advised to resign if they didn’t like the conditions. Not a good way to treat employees regardless of party in power. Lived to get my pay equity and pension and paid all the taxes involved. Thanks to all who followed me. ml.

  4. @ Tony Turner
    I’m relieved you are free to sing again, muzzled no more, but this came at price you should NOT have had to pay. Sing, sing THAT song … Sing out loud … Sing out strong … It’s a gem and the message needs to reach as many voters as possible before October 19th.

  5. Thank you Tony for writing “Harperman”. The views that you expressed in the song are all facts – facts that the Harper regime do not even dispute. Rather they forced the government department that you worked for to do the dirty work for them. How typical!
    News organizations in Canada are afraid to say anything against the Conservatives. It is up to honest, everyday Canadians to try to keep the public informed about the greed and corruption that is systemic within the Conservative Party rank and file.
    Hope you enjoy having more time to write and perform songs during your retirement.

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