The mp3 audio version of Harperman is now available

You asked for it so with Tony’s permission here it is:

Want to download it? Here’s how:

  1. Click here to open the audio file on a new page
  2. Save the new page (File -> “Save page as” or Right-click -> “Save page as”)

That’s it! Have fun.

Alternate versions:
Ringtone (20 seconds of the chorus)
Karaoke (guitar and bass, no vocals)

11 thoughts on “The mp3 audio version of Harperman is now available”

  1. Here is the latest example of Harper’s good? judgement.

    Until Harper, I had never known anyone with so many criminal associates (see #1 below).
    • The old Duff /Wallin/Brazeau,
    • Bruce “Bad Boy” Carson (trial happening now),
    • Arthur “Artful Dogder” Porter,
    • Dirty Senators (Housakos and Carignan their names came up at the Charbonneau Commission in Quebec – corruption in the construction industry),
    • Dean Del Mastro MP – election fraud – Remember, Del Mastro was in charge of Ethics for Harper (see #2 below),
    • and his brother writing cheques to employees if they donate to Del Mastro’s campaign (see #3 below complete with copy of cheque),
    • Finley and Guerstein (charged in 2011 under the Canada Elections Act for their role in the In and Out scandal),
    • Michael “Pierre Poutine?” Sona – Conservative party RoboCall scandal,
    • MP Peter Penashue’s sidekick Reginald Bowers (charged in 2015 under the Elections Canada for failing to return ineligible campaign contributions and for misleading the chief electoral officer in submitted documents)
    • And if Duffy is guilty of bribery, why wasn’t Wright charged as well?
    • and now we have Dr. Azer,
    • ..and the list continues and just keeps growing…

    The last 10 years has been like watching the old mafia movies that played when I was growing up. Maybe we should be asking who the hell amongst them have not been charged with a criminal activity. Oh right, the boss man hasn’t technically been nailed yet – he just runs the whole bloody crooked outfit. We all know they are as guilty as hell, and now it is just a matter of time.

    These are not the values of the Canada that I grew up in. And they are certainly not the values of the Canada that I want to leave to my children.

    Harperman has got to go!
    dave williams


  2. I really want this ringtone on my iPhone. I googled how to do this, but it seems too complicated for me. Will the ringtone be available on iTunes?
    Awesome job Tony Turner and God bless you all for standing up for Canadian’s rights and freedoms! I can’t stop singing this song! 😊

  3. Hi, I’m Lydia from Saskatchewan.
    Is there a karoke version of this? I would like to play it at our local karoke bar.

  4. Could you please upload a shorter track with the chorus for use as a ringtone? We need everyone in Canada hearing this song every time a phone rings!

  5. Thank you so much for doing this, I do hope this song really goes viral and changes peoples mind about this horrible government, certainly the worst in my lifetime, I’m 56, all the best!

  6. Hi people! Here’s some support from France!

    Seeing Harper reminds me of Sarkozy here in France: same ideology, same arrogance…

    Harper, dégage!


  7. Form Richmond Hill, Ontario, I applaud your initiative in this ‘project’.
    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!
    We are the people and democracy will prevails, no matter how Harper hates it.
    You are amazing Mr. Turner and the Team.
    Your hard work will pay off but still wish you and Canada luck on October 19.
    Mashoud Nasseri

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