Many people from across Canada have responded to the “Harperman” song by sending us material that they’ve created about the need to send Harper on his way. We thought we’d share some of that material here.

  • The National Post: The National Post newspaper, the flagship of the Post Media chain, has usually been supportive of the Harper Conservative government and its policies. A big surprise that one of its contributors, John Robson, a conservative journalist and part-time history professor, has let go with a blast about why he can’t stomach voting for Harper in the coming federal election.John Robson: I can’t vote for the Harper Conservatives. I just can’t…
  • PressProgress.ca: American comedian Steven Colbert coined the term “truthiness” to describe what we think, feel or imagine is true no matter that the facts or logic contradict it. Press Progress, the media analysis website sponsored by the Broadbent Institute, has tallied up the truthiness delivered by Conservative leader Stephen Harper during the 1st televised leaders’ debate.7 Times Harper Mislead Canadians During the Debate…
  • TheTyee.ca: Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have racked up dozens of serious abuses of power since forming government in 2006. From scams to smears, monkey-wrenching opponents to intimidating public servants like an Orwellian gorilla, some offences are criminal, others just offend human decency. Here is The Tyee’s full, updated list of 70 Harper government assaults on democracy and the law.The Tyee’s full, updated list of 70 Harper government assaults on democracy and the law.
  • 50 more Stephen Harper protest songs on Youtube…really!!

  • Take Back This Land [Bill Henderson] - Chilliwack and friends
    • Take Back This Land [Bill Henderson] - Chilliwack and friends

    • Watch Video

  • Would He Lie to You? [lyrics: Rebecca Campbell; music: Leeson and Vale (1992 Would I Lie to You?) ]
    • Would He Lie to You? [lyrics: Rebecca Campbell; music: Leeson and Vale (1992 Would I Lie to You?) ]

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  • Little Stevie Harper [Enid Penis]
    • Little Stevie Harper [Enid Penis]

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  • The MC Stevie Sweater Vest [Introverse]
    • The MC Stevie Sweater Vest [Introverse]

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  • Land You Love  [Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde]
    • Land You Love [Hey Rosetta! & Yukon Blonde]

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  • Harpooned [Dan Beavon]
    • Harpooned [Dan Beavon]

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  • Sly Steve [Calvin Sandborn] with Josef Krancevic and Tobias Kieslich
    • Sly Steve [Calvin Sandborn] with Josef Krancevic and Tobias Kieslich

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  • Take Back This Land Gabriola style [Bill and May Henderson]
    • Take Back This Land Gabriola style [Bill and May Henderson]

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  • Heave Steve - Prince Albert Riding 2015 [Borgerson & Drummond]
    • Heave Steve - Prince Albert Riding 2015 [Borgerson & Drummond]

    • Watch Video

Click here for Heave Steve lyrics

Well, the ship of state is sinking and the seas are getting rough
The captain’s drunk with power and we have had enough
He’s cutting all our rations, pulling tricks out of his sleeve
Only one thing we can do, we’ve got to heave Steve


Heave Steve! Make him walk the plank
Heave Steve! He’s gonna break the bank
Heave Steve! We’ll have ourselves to thank
If we all join together and just Heave Steve!

The temperature is rising and the weather’s no fun
The glaciers are melting and there’s water on the run
We’re burning up the oil when we’ve got the wind and sun
And with Stevie at the helm, nothing’s being done

There’s pirates down on Bay Street hiding treasure from us all
There’s pirates getting richer while we all take the fall
There’s pirates in the wheelhouse making robocalls
There’s pirates in the statehouse helping Stevie run it all

And the ships don’t get our grain cause they’re waiting for the rail
And the economic action plan has built another jail
And Duffy’s on the poop-deck, and seniors wait to no avail
Cause Stevie and his buddies won’t deliver mail

So if you want a good voyage and a fair and equal boat
And you want all your mates to live long and stay afloat
You don’t really need a sea, an ocean, or a moat
To throw Stevie overboard you just need to vote!


67 thoughts on “Rants”

  1. You should be proud of yourself… you helped bring Harper down…

    Can you get your job back as a consultant?

    Best of luck… Dik

    1. Nous ne pouvons re-soumettre les vidéos téléchargées sur Youtube ou Vimeo. Nous ne pouvons pas re-soumettre les vidéos téléchargées sur Facebook. Superbe vidéo quand même! Bien joué.

  2. gosh 41 choirs across canada. great.thursday the 17th. Lets get Greens, Liberals, NDP, Bloc, strategic voters out…every week til election day..this song could unite the country…if liberals and ndp and green and bloc join to sing…then come october 20th…the parties may be into politics…its in their nature…but it will show anti-harper is nearly 70 per cent of the population…and we can all agree…we dont want this two bit oil bitumen salesman in charge of Canada.

    Ive worked in poling stations as an ndp scrutineer..the election officials..the ndp and liberal and green scrutineeer all get along..but we try and keep away from the fundamentalist armies of ….harperman….

    wow this could be the song of the year….vote strategically in you riding for whomever can best defeat a harper-ist…i dont called them Tory or Conservative….which have an honorable tradition.

    oh by the way thank for nothing presto manning. you and your reform west wants in bla bla bla. the majority of westerners in canada vote anti-harper…..and we are fine with quebec and ontario and bilingualism and medicare and helping syrian and other refugees/.

    and thanks for nothing especially to Peter Kent useless former journalist turned oil huckster…our silent Leona of Nunavat who bases her environment policies on her brothers views after a jaunt on his skiddoo. Thanks for nothing especially Chrisssssss Alexander, the little lord fauntleroy smarter than me and smarter than you, who with an insouciant flip of his flaxen locks, tells another lie.

    And who can forget the bottle blond Candace Bergen mennonite heritage gun slinger from Manitoba….Shelly Rempel…ex cop masquerading as heritage minister….oh tell us about your election rules frauds.

    Harperman and Harpermen and Harperwomen..its time for you to go.

    this song could unite the country will unite the country we want it back.

  3. here’s other download sources
    I grabbed the video and extracted the audio as soon as it first appeared on CBC

    Harperman, a Protest Song.mp3 (audio) 14 Mb

    Harperman, a Protest Song – YouTube.webm (video) 37 Mb

    Harperman, a Protest Song.mp4 (video) 119 Mb

    They seem to be of higher quality than what you have presently on hand

  4. Some have suggested that Tony may have violated his professional “ethics” by publicly performing this classic.

    When your professional “ethics” conflict with your personal ethics, what in hell are you supposed to do?

  5. In addition to making T-shirt graphics available, there should be a graphic for bumper stickers. That way, each of us can have 100 printed and then distribute them across Canada (while keeping under the $500 limit imposed by the Elections Act).

  6. I loved the song the very first time I heard it, it made me smile, chuckle and laugh out loud. Everything about the Harper government stinks of cronyism, misuse of public monies, and who else gets an airplane during one of the longest most expensive election campaigns in history, the media has not shown very much of his campaign is that because there are very few people at these things??

  7. I think Canada needs to stand united the week of the election and sing the Harperman song loud and proud from coast to coast at the same designated time each day for a week straight. Whose in, lets get it organized. Heave Steve and lets get out Canada back!

  8. Inspired work you guys…..I love Harperman more each time I hear the song. If you want hear some up close, personal stories about the kind of stuff driving “Harperman” the lyrics, check out Canada, Who Cares (www.canadawhocares.ca) a new podcast of interviews and voices of real people put together by a group of Canadian jounalists.

  9. THANK YOU. Love to stand alongside my fellow Canadians … feeling a sense of Unity from coast to coast like never before. BRAVO!!!

    Love the elderly in the video. Yes, others would be great with children as well and lots of adolescents to get the message home about Harper and the importance of voting in this election… But keep the elderly in there too!!! They know better than anyone what we are losing under the Harper regime.

    My concern is there seems to be a lot of voter apathy among young voters. Many I speak to do not think it is important to have a voice or that their vote can make a difference. “All the politicians are the same so why bother?” they say and then I do my best to rally their interest. Your song goes a long way to catch their interest and inform them as to why they need to get out there on voting day. Passing it on!!!

    Besides, I am thinking that this election & the whole momentum leading up to it is becoming quite incredible. Who would want to look back after it is all over when Harper is scurrying away into the darkness and say they did not participate in the restoration of goodness and truth in our country?

    Oh Canada, the true North strong and free! I love you!

    1. PM SH:
      You had been bestowed with the rare opportunity for over 9 years to serve Canada and bring about harmony and a better life for all of Canada. If at this stage you cannot stand on your “deeds” and need the Wiz of Oz to con the electorate instead of poor “Pierre Poutine”, don’t you believe in a Judgement Day?

  10. I am a scientist working at Environment Canada for over 6 years. Just want to thank Tony for speaking for us all, and congratulate his courage for stepping forward and speak out loud what we all think. If only for reminding over 400 000 viewers of Harper’s disputable actions over the last few years, the video would have reached its goal. Congrats, and thank you!

    1. I think Tony is a Canadian hero. The song it terrific. It is publicizing the song that is heroic. Others have written and performed some good anti-Harper songs but this one is going to pull people together and unite voters against Harper. And Tony did it while in a position (Fed Gov’t employee) that Harper has used against him (against Tony’s constitutional right to voice his opinions). I find that very troublesome and am pretty sure that Harper is on the wrong side of the law this time.

      Thank you Tony! I laughed and clapped as I heard it, and listened to it several times. then printed the lyrics. It’s a winner.

  11. Great song, thank you Tony. My husband and I enjoyed it.
    I keep hoping, hoping…that, somehow, you good Canadians, will return Canada to what it was before I left in 1960 (marriage) Somehow, after the results in Alberta, of all places, and, in spite of H’s draconian new vote-suppressing laws, you will pull it off this time. Great Gordon Highlanders, he’s making you more like us right now!

    I’ll be thinking of you!

  12. I’m shocked…horrified…embarrassed that Tony Turner has been put on paid leave for expressing his political opinions. This is a great example of the muzzling of intelligent Canadians by this government. *Every* Canadian must have the right to express their political opinions on the public stage. Thanks to Tony and his gang of accomplices for setting the example to the rest of us, to get out there and be heard!

  13. I love every word of that song and every word of the replies i have read on this site… all of it gives me such hope. Thank you everyone. I will be organizing a sing along in Ajax ON, i have youth musicians who will help … this is going to be fun

  14. Well done Tony. That is beautiful!! Our local news shows that you have since been suspended by your employer for speaking out politically. You stick to your guns and fight them on that as well. It’s just another hit against federal government workers that you can’t have the same freedom of speech as any other Canadian, especially when it’s on your own time. You and your ‘back-up singers’ did a wonderful job on this and the lyrics were bang on. Well done and take on your employer for the suspension…I have no doubt Canadians (other than PCs) will back you. Thanks for this. Beautiful!!

  15. I do not know if you are aware that your song has been placed on the Avaaz (www.avaaz.org) website, a worldwide non-profit organization that organizes online petitions based on a variety of human rights & climate change issues. I posted your video from Avaaz to my Facebook page yesterday & am getting “likes” on it. This is a great video that you & your colleagues have made! Did I see a group of “Raging Grannies” amongst the singers? Keep up the good work. Everyone who believes in this song Must get out & vote Harper & his cronies OUT!!!

  16. Forget being a nationalist from Québec !!! I totally embrace, support and defend you !!! The Harperman – probably against his will – has finally united Canada: First Nations, Frenchies and Anglos all together, with a brain between theirs hears – like scoring 70 in their brighter days and above – can only rally together to get ride of the Republican King !!! (which would be a contradiction in itself but nothing is impossible in the kingdom of creationism !!!)

    You have all my support !

    – Stéphane Roy

  17. Danny Williams (Nfld) predicted it well. We should have listened to him back then. Let’s not mess it up again.
    (Speaking to the Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Trade on September 10, 2008, Premier Danny Williams says “a majority government for Stephen Harper would be one of the most negative political events in Canadian history.)

  18. I am currently being treated for colorectal cancer. I thought it only fitting to name my tumour after that other pain-in-the-butt, Stephen Harper. Now, when I go for radiation treatment, I visualize Marg, Princess Warrior coming to smite him with her sword of justice. I want him out of orifice!

    Someone should nominate Tony for the Order of Canada for trying to save the country from an unenlightened despot.

    1. Laurie: I wish you strength and success in your personal struggle, but certainly keeping your sense of humour is a big part of the battle. Your comment absolutely made my day!

  19. Thank you Tony and all the people in the video. I am just a workin guy but I am so tired of watching our country go to hell in a hand basket. All the lies coming from our Harper and his gang. This will be the most important election of our lifetime because if Harper gets back in we may have to do what Ukraine did to get rid of a criminal government , so let’s vote Harperman out and avoid that situation.
    Tony’s song is exactly on the pulse “Harperman it’s time for you to go “

  20. This is a great song and great Idea. Just I don’t know why the event is not for the 19th or 20th of Sept. The reason is more people can attend on those days. Just saying.

  21. Back in 1987 I was gagged by the then conservative party of brainless mulrooney because I, as a public servant working for Canada Customs, was not allowed to speak publically against the mulrooney trade agreement. I went to arbitration and was later granted by the arbitrator to speak, as a Union representative, against this government policy. I am retired now but I still hold a major distrust of anything dealing with the pc party. I love this song and hope something will be set up in the Windsor, Ontario area. Preferably in Essex County so we can get rid of the pc member here. The main thing is to get out and vote for anybody but pc!!!!!

  22. truly an inspiration, it succinctly portrays everything that is wrong with what Harper has done to our nation, and the fools who blindly believe in him

  23. This is wonderful! I first heard of the Harperman song when it hit the news yesterday morning. At that time there were nearly 51,000 hits on youtube, 24 hours later there are almost 204,000 views and growing. If the megalomaniacs in power had let things be, had they not been so bent on censorship and stifling legitimate protest (and lets face it – insecure and babyish) I never would have heard of this song. Now everyone in the country will have a chance to hear it and I’m sure it will go international.
    Thanks Tony. Know that sane Canadians who are paying attention are behind you 100%!

    1. You’ve got the support of a growing number of people on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Keep up the good work. As Red Green used to say, “We’re all in this together.”

  24. Great job on the song Tony and friends. Any thoughts of making it available on iTunes? Use the proceeds to help Help us with Heavin’ Deceivin’ Stephen on October 19

  25. Awesome fun. I love it and I’ll be performing it with back up at a local open mic and maybe more. But shucking Harperman is just the very very start – since all parties moving into winning position only give lip service to real issues – l’il old climate change for example!

    How about a next step songfest. Songs that strike the common chord as it were but invite real change or further change. Whoever is elected October 19th we still have the same real big problem. Crowd source the songs. Let’s have a democracy of song with Canadjuns singing along.

  26. My kids were told to watch told watch Harperman by their grandparents. ……. My children are all young adults 17/18/20/23 – they loved the video – but their comments registered with me = Where is the youth? They told me that the primary demographic on set is old people, mostly female in old clothes.
    After watching the you tube clip – they’re right. If you want this to resonate do it again and bring in the kids. Afterall, they are our future.

    1. So do a version with younger people, and perhaps a “younger” music style. This is classic mid-20th century protest folk and a church group, United Church if I recall. The elderly ladies in clothes from long ago don’t dress like that in “real life”, they are “Raging Grannies” who dress as stereotypical Grannies from times past.

    2. It’s because ‘we’ old folks CARE and we have the experience of the 60s to show us one option…why don’t the young ‘uns do their own version ….

  27. It would be great of you folks could link a news article to each accusation you have in the song. It would help your cause and bring a simple “protest song” a lot more legitimacy. Crowd source the effort if you must, but a lot of people will just see a crowd of people who are dissatisfied as opposed to a list of defendable grievances. Just a thought.

    1. The documentation has been widespread for the past 10 years, in the press, in books, all over the ‘net. Anyone who has not seen it hasn’t been paying attention .

  28. You should write a song based on “I love the way you lie” from Rihanna and Eminem. Don’t give up! And if you do get suspended, let us know. We will send you money to compensate. What your department did with treathening to suspend you resembles what a certain regime would have done during wwii. Fellow Canadians, this is the proof that now more than ever we need to stand up for our freedom and democracy. Ontario, I beg you to join us from Quebec and vote for a change (pick the one you want but not Harper please).

  29. fabulous song. i dont know alot about music but i know what i like. i hear there are plans to have choirs singing this across canada. where do i sign up?

    Thanks Tony. And everyone else. We should send this to everyone we know. even the harperists. And Id love to have choirs singing this around Harper-ist revival meetings and lie-fests. . we should all call our radio stations and ask for Harperman. This song deserves juno award and double platinum platinum.

    Unless you are for a particular party or candidate, remember to vote strategically for whichever candidate looks like the one to beat the Harper-ist pawns.

    Lets have Mulcair for Prime Minister, Ralph Goodale at Finance, Elizabeth May as Environment Minister, and lets sit down and work it out with Gilles and the Bloc. And get rid of first past the post. Wouldnt a centreLeft Unity Government for Canada.

    And bless the Unitarians.Where do i join up?

    I love you all. Tony Ill marry you.

    Riddle. How can you tell Stephen Harper* is telling a lie? Answer: He Moves his Lips.

    *Insert any one of his pawns, though not our ever silent Environment Minister Leona. She seems to have lost the power of speech.

  30. Working as a summer student for Agriculture Canada this year, I have experienced the “Harperman” first hand. This year many of the summer students across Canada went unpaid for 7 weeks with no compensation or explanation. Its sad when some students move across Canada to work and end up having to take out a loan just so they can afford to go to work. Also other things you can witness by slaving yourself away are how dysfunctional the entire management system is and the silencing of scientists like Tony speaking out against the government for fear of your job security. But on the bright side the budget is balanced and you can thank Canada’s most vulnerable citizens for it. “Harperman, it’s time for you to GO!”


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