Parliament Hill on July 3rd

Songwriter Tony Turner, videographer Andrew Hall and project coordinator Chris White went to Parliament Hill on July 3rd to film a short crowdfunding video for the cross-Canada “Harperman” sing-along on Thursday, September 17th.
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  1. Great song. We wrote an adaptation (not a translation) in French. Here it is:
    HARPERMAN – Adaptation française
    (Paroles: Alain Mignault, Anonyme, Kristian Gareau, Dan Parker, Caroline Seagle et Robert Barberis-Gervais. Adapté de Harperman écrit par Tony Turner)

    Qui contrôle not’ parlement?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Qui écrase les opposants?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Il se bat contre le savoir
    Et abuse de son pouvoir
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages

    Qui vend des armes aux dictateurs?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Qui manipule avec la peur?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Il bloque l’entrée des réfugiés
    Malgré des milliers de noyés
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages

    On veut plus voir ta face
    Ni tes avions de chasse
    On s’bat pour l’a-ve-nir
    Ton long règne va fi-nir
    Yé temps que tu t’en ailles
    Harper bye-bye bye-bye
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages

    Qui bâillonne les scientifiques?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Nie les changements climatiques
    Harperman, Harperman
    Pour les profits des pétrolières
    Il sacrifie la terre entière
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages

    Qui est le roi du secret?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Pour la guerre est toujours prêt
    Harperman, Harperman
    Y tient en laisse tous ses minist’
    Ferme la porte aux journalistes
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages


    Qui veut toujours contrôler?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Qui veut tous nous surveiller?
    Harperman, Harperman
    La police et la prison
    Voilà ses seules solutions
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages

    C’est l’chien d’poche d’Oncle Sam?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Pour l’pétrole vendrait notre âme
    Harperman, Harperman
    Traite les écolos d’terroristes
    Méprise la science et les artistes
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages


    Qui brime la démocratie?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Qui a menti pour Duffy?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Femmes autochtones abandonnées
    Lacs et rivières sont menacés
    Harperman, yé temps que tu dégages


    (Parodie de O Sinner Man)
    Harperman, où vas-tu te cacher? (3x)
    Le jour de l’é-élection

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! Proud of your music, creativity, courage, and spirit! Let’s defend our Canada against Stephen Harper.

    Thanks again!

  3. We love this song! Every word is true. You are so right it is time for him to go! Time for us to protect our women and children and rivers and lakes. Maybe it isn’t too late to hire back some of our scientists.

  4. When a scientist is subject of a government inquiry for a political pamphlet in which the governing prime minister is criticized, it means that that prime minister and his party do not feel confident in their position and strength. Ignoring the pamphlet or stopping the inquiry, would have meant that the prime minister feels indeed confident and assumes all forms of criticism inherent to political life. It would have meant that the prime minister has indeed the arguments, dignity and desire to counter criticisms and not to punish them. Too bad Harper is not that politician. He just showed to the world that he is not fit for the function because he puts his ego above everything all, and his party agree with this, and this is not what we want from a prime minister or his party. Because Canada is our country, not a totalitarian feudal fief, not just the object of the grip on power of somebody. It is indeed time for you to go, Harperman.
    And thank you, Tony !

  5. Great song,
    Sorry to hear that people in ontario have lost their sense if humour…(your boss). Election may resolve this. What type of world are we leaving to our kids…But is Trudau really better…just because of his dad that really was not that great! Canada needs something new. Use social media to run for office…
    Good luck!

  6. Tony has demonstrated the emotional and intellectual power of music to express freedom of speech. Our freedom alongwith well being is definitely being eroded by the harper regime. Tony is working to restore both at personal cost. Thank you, Tony for being our Canadian voice. More power to you. I vote Tony.

  7. do you collect donation through bank, where I can go to the bank and deposit the donation anonymously.

    If you do please posted on the web site.

    1. You can contribute anonymously if you wish at the Cross Canada Harperman Sing-Along Indiegogo page here. When making a donation, just click the “Change Visibility” button and “Save Changes” to prevent your name or the amount of your contribution from being displayed on the campaign page. The campaign does not at present accept direct bank-to-bank transactions.

  8. We all can have many many many events on September 17. Do you have friends who can sing? Just gather them in September! Record your event and post it to utube.

  9. The chorus (and several other lyrics) would make great ringtones. I used an app to make one for my Android but if they were downloadable it would be awesome.

  10. A song that has given me renewed hope that we’ll see the end of “Harperman”
    …….has Neil Young seen this yet???…I’m sure he’d be tickled and quite possibly he would lend a hand.

  11. Living under the Harper regime is a bit surreal. You think to yourself, we live in a democracy, this can’t be happening. And then protests like this make you realize it is happening. Keep up the good work.

  12. This is a very creative and expressive tune, and extremely well written and performed with ghusto by spirited singers! I love it! Keep up the great effort. We’ll be singing this tune coast to coast to coast by October!

  13. I love the song. It must have been therapeutic to belt out those words. I am totally up for the sing along. I live in Haper’s riding so it would be nice to sing this in his backyard.

    My suggestions for the next round of lyrics : 1) lost our seat on the UN Security Council. 2) thinks hypocrisy is democracy 3) tore apart the fisheries act and eliminated protection for our rivers 4) eroded our reputation internationally 5) makes me less proud of my canadian identity.

  14. Hello, I love the song and what you are doing. I am learning the song on guitar. Where will the public performance be in Vancouver? I will bring my guitar! Lol!

  15. AMEN…What a cathartic experience!
    Thank you very much Tony and crew for giving us some joy…and hope!
    We sing this song loudly and proudly from Calgary (residents of Harper’s riding)

  16. What a creative project. Harper may have muzzled scientists, but heaven help him when he tries to muzzle song writers. His investigation is a great example of his stupidity.
    It will be the best way to make this an even bigger hit.

  17. Congratulations! Absolutely love the song, it’s clever lyrics and its inherent sense of hope . I would like to be kept informed about when and where it is being performed. Thanks

    1. Each statement in this song is true.
      Yet you call it crap.
      But then you, like Harper, treat the truth like crap.

    2. I would love to know your reasoning, Lorraine. Every lyric
      in Harperman is true….and if you are in denial, I strongly suggest you do some research. (not just the headlines, now..factual stories)

  18. Absolutely love the “Harperman” song will support this anyway I can
    I am presently learning the song myself so I can sing it at parties so awesome!!!

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