Meet the Musician and His Music

Tony Turner photo by Kate Morgan
Photo by Kate Morgan

A counterpoint to Harperman is Tony Turner’s Circle of Song – a universal anthem of unity. The song celebrates the power of music to connect people to each other and to the world. The song was inspired by small song circles and concert performances where performer and audience are magically united in the musical moment.

Circle of Song has found wide appeal as a choral piece in community and church choirs across Canada and in the United States. The song has just been published in Rise Again, the sequel to Rise Up Singing, the popular folk singer’s songbook.

Here are the two west coast events where I will be singing this weekend. Although they are Green Party events, they are intended to get the early vote out and, of course, my main message is anything but Harper. Elizabeth will be at both.

Saturday –

Sunday –

Please encourage the BC song organizers near these cities to spread the word, join the rallies, and sing along with me on Saturday or Sunday.

Circle of Song was recorded on Tony’s first CD A Matter of Time and was videotaped the same day as Harperman with the same chorus of singers.

Tony’s second CD is called The Lost Sketches. A new CD will be available the fall of 2015. To discover more about Tony’s music, purchase CDs or request a free pdf of the Circle of Song choral arrangement visit or email him at

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  1. I love Harperman, its upbeat, singable and to the point about Harper’s wrong doing, it ‘s exactly what we need right now.

    Listening to Circle of Song I hope it gets the attention it deserves as well, it’s hopeful and also singable. I’ll be checking it out and Tony’s next CD. Thanks Tony and

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