Harperman Song Project

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Harperman is written and performed by Ottawa folk singer Tony Turner. Tony got his inspiration from an article in a social justice newsletter, and added to the list to create a toe-tapping participation song of protest.

  • Tony Turner perfoms Harperman
    • Tony Turner perfoms Harperman

    • Watch Video

  • A Statement From Tony Turner - Regarding Harperman
    • A Statement From Tony Turner - Regarding Harperman

    • Watch Video

Millions of people across the country have been enjoying the video since we posted it on June 22nd. The September 17 Cross-Canada Harperman Singalong was a massive success (See: the map of locations, and videos of many events).

Hamilton Seen, a Hamilton-based film company, made a documentary about Tony Turner’s suspension and the issues it raises for freedom of expression in Canada.  Entitled Harperman: A Dissident Serenade, the documentary encourages people to reflect on these issues. Here it is:

The Harperman Video Challenge – People across Canada mede their own video of the “Harperman” song and posted them on YouTube. Here is a wonderful compilation “Singing Out Harperman – A Nation in Unison” edited by Steve Beattie:

Words, music, graphics, audio files can be downloaded here.

To get involved in the Harperman project, send a message to Chris at harperman2015@gmail.com.

194 thoughts on “Harperman Song Project”

  1. As an American and Canadian, I shudder when I think of how closely Harper reminds me of those right-wing fanatics in the tea party group of Republicans.
    Hurray to Tony for hitting on so many of the issues that make me grieve for this great country of Canada.
    See you at the sing-along!

  2. J’ai tellement hâte qu’Harperman disparaisse de notre décor.
    Votre belle initiative persuadera les Canadien/nes à le faire.
    J’invite tout le monde à voter le 19 octobre prochain.

  3. How ’bout this one:

    The kids still die, die, die (bis)
    on the beach their bodies lie, lie, lie
    And I ask him why, why, why,
    asylum we deny, -ny -ny
    Who’s this inhuman guy, guy, guy?

  4. Jamais le Canada n’a été aussi malmené par un tyran comme Harper. HARPERMAN, IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO FOR EVER!

    Destruction de l’environnement
    Paranoïa sur le terrorisme
    Non respect de nos libertés fondamentales
    Endettement historique
    Durcissement excessif des lois
    Non respect des canadiens

    Il faut que ce mouvement soit viral sur Internet partout dans le monde et que tous les canadiens se tiennent pour se débarasser à tout jamais de cet ignoble et sinistre Premier Ministre.

  5. Fantastic strategy to use a song and catchy lyrics to emphasize our
    cause ( hopefully it will emphasize the need for younger Canadians
    to vote ) . I hope our side can get them involved. Harperman and
    his Cons cheated in the last 2 elections. Whenever a 3rd world
    country has democratic elections for the first time; there were
    U.N. observers present at all the Polling Stations to oversee . Since
    Harperman has reduced us to 3rd world status , we need to have
    the same oversight here .

      1. Thank you for the info about the t-shirt. If people can buy enough of them before the election the money can go in helping the campaign.

  6. This retired civil servant from Cornwall will be there on the 17th ! Harper is sounding more & more like his Republican right wingers, south of our great borders. He’s “GOTTA GO” ! Luv the tune !

  7. Stephen Harper is the most dangerous man in Canada. He has changed our country fundamentally and has undone much of what our parents and grandparents fought to achieve. Not only is it time for him to go, it’s time to undo much of what he and his con pawns have legislated. This song will help unseat the con government and is exactly what many people like me are thinking about this government. My wife and I will be on Parliament Hill September 17 without fail. Time to take our country back!

    1. Mr.Harper. You say you’ve never heard the song ‘Harperman’. Is that true? I’ve never heard that or any other song other than ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles. Clearly nor has any of my band mates or anyone in the PMO. I believe Mike Duffy was humming something but he’s before the courts and I can’t comment for national security reasons.

    2. Ronald, you are right on. I have been describing our PM as the most dangerous man in Canada for some time: this country has moved towards a meaner, less democratic government as manipulated by harperman. Well said, Sir!

  8. Thank you, Tony for stepping up and saying all the things the rest of us have been thinking…Harper is a dangerous man who has done irreparable damage to our country….this needed to be exposed…especially the damage to the environment, the denial of climate change, the muzzling of scientists like you and the cancellation of programs that ensure the safety of our health, water and food supply. So many people are unaware of what he has done and we need to let them know!!! I love the song and will be there on parliament hill on the 17’th to sing it out loud and proud.

  9. Awesome!! I am going to be singing this all day. Excellent job!! Tony deserves a raise and a medal. Harperman’s response proves that you hit every nail on the head!

  10. Thank you for writing this great song. It would be good to have a verse in it about the cuts to universal health care. Even though I’m a healthy senior, I don’t want Canada to end up like the States where folks lose their homes because they can’t pay for their medical bills. A few months ago, I had a call from someone asking if I’d be voting for Harper. I said, “Let me put it this way, If Harper and Hitler were running, I’d vote for Hitler”. She even laughed.

    1. I like the idea of getting the First Nations people to engage in a sing along. They need more positive exposure and a chance to voice their concerns intelligently and to have them heard.

      I have also been listening to some of the other musical anti-Harper offerings, the two variations on “Stephen Harper Hates Me” are great with an appropriate blues beat. BRAVO! I’ve just come back from Ottawa so I won’t be there on September 17th but to anyone living within a reasonable driving distance–a few hours–I encourage you to go out and support this event.

    2. Yes, yes. Multilingual with FN and immigrant add-ons! Refugee add-ons. First Nations would be a whole verse! Prison-population add-ons especially from Kingston where practically all outdoors activities and half-way housing has been cut by Harper. He wants people to re-offend. Could we get the people suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders involved?

  11. Thank you for this song! Appropriate for all of us down here in the US! Great lyrics and really well performed. I want to meet the young woman with the two tone hair and the orange and pink shirt! All of you are so lovely. Thank you for singing the truth. Hold the course and fight back against the fascist repercussions!

  12. I must say it is catchy, and it is a brilliant move on your part to put this out.

    I hope the union will stand with you on this, and that they will launch a court challenge which will finally rule that being a civil servant does not rob a person of the rights that every citizen has to free expression. This is a matter of fundamental rights not being usurped, and having it all play out during the election is magnificent.

    I bet “Dear Leader” is not amused, and he is sure to not forget your name on election night.

    Lac-Mégantic – that bloody train wreck, “Forty-two dead; we’ll write ’em a cheque, but keep that oil a rollin’ “, says Harperman.

    With no hanging chads to worry about, our paper ballots will win out; we’ll run Harperman right out of town.

    Everybody add a verse!

  13. Whatever you think of Harper or the current state of the Conservative Party of Canada, one very basic principle is at stake. This is supposed to be a democracy, not a monarchy; and lese-majeste is no longer a prosecutable offence. Nor should it ever, ever be again. Making fun of our rulers — dissident humour, political satire in all its forms — is one of the cornerstones of democracy. The petty, spiteful response (threatening Turner’s job and harassing him with a pointless “investigation”) just demonstrates Harper’s overt anti-democratic tendencies (and their dangerour implications for Canada’s free and civil society).

    In the old USSR, you looked over your shoulder before you told a joke about the Commissar, let alone about the Big Names at the top. It was as much as your job, your housing, sometimes your life was worth, to say the wrong thing when the wrong person was listening. If that’s not what we want our lives to be like in Canada, then let’s support Tony, make this song go viral, defy the authoritarian tendency of our times by laughing it out of court.

    Whether you are an outraged progressive, or an outraged libertarian, singing this song in public should be an urgent act of principle!


    speak out on election issues – NOT ALLOWED
    publicly support a political party or candidate, for example at a public meeting – NOT ALLOWED

    1. Muzzling the civil service is no doubt the instigation of the Harper “clan.” Such action should be declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Why are they silent? Civil servants have the same rights as all Canadians. It’s another example of Harper’s stilted brand of “democracy.” In my personal opinion, Tlony should sue Harper,the government and the Civil Service for wrongful dismissal.

    1. I agree! If I could I would translate “Harperman” into French, but I am unable to translate. Please, Someone! Translate it for us.

  15. Hey…nice tune! And the guy did it outside of work, well that’s his free speach right? I’m ok with a good folk tune about any of our political leaders, even whichever one I end up voting for this coming election. It sure doesn’t warrant a suspension from work and an investigation! Doesn’t he have work to do for the public, and doesn’t the government bureaucracy have more important things to investigate?!

  16. Hey…nice tune! And the guy did it outside of work, well that’s his free speech right? I’m ok with a good folk song about any of our political leaders, even which ever one I vote for in the upcoming election. Come on, this doesn’t warrant being suspended from his job! Sheesh.

  17. Yes – Harper has to go go go!

    Thanks for doing what you are doing! Just terrific stuff. Almost 400,000 views on youtube! WOW!

    It’s a grassroots movement to slay ‘Golith’! Power to the People!

  18. The sentiment, as much as the song. For me Harper is a bad man, and has gotta’ go. I’d prefer a leader who was less clever and less able over one with an abundance of these qualities assiduously being applied to moving us in a disastrous direction. So, go to it! Best Wishes.

  19. Quelle beauté du texte, reflet d’une âme tout aussi belle.
    Je sens les prémices d’une brise de liberté qui va bientôt souffler, on pourra enfin respirer.
    Ne pas s’inquiéter pour l’inclusion, c’est le contenu qui importe et l’indignation qu’il exprime est si inclusive. Personnellement, je m’y reconnais.

  20. Here is an idea, get the next stops on Harperman campaign trails and sent the guests the song ahead of time. So they all can sing together …

  21. I was a bit surprised that you said to wear the t-shirt, when Harper comes to town, and get the reporters to take your picture. Usually nobody (except his followers) knows where Harper will be when he arrives, including the reporters, who are in fact, told that they are NOT welcome.

  22. Love you! Thanks for making it fun and funny. We’re not as bad off as many other countries but we really have to put a stop to this nonsense.
    I salute you! I consider this simple freedom of expression and not at all an infringement on any work ethic.
    CBC and Radio-Canada should definitively play it before or after every station identification and news break… as a news item, of course. hihiihiii

    <3 <3 <3

  23. La forme artistique-ironique frappe souvent plus fort que les discours. Votre chanson est en train de se répandre au Québec aussi et on y endosse le contenu … puisque nous somme des francophones forcés au bilinguisme, nous en comprenons parfaitement le sens.
    Salut à vous et merci.

  24. Congratulations, your project really took off! Was hard to find the LYRICS! The link is a bit buried; please BOLD the link and make it bigger – PLUS put it in the top sidebar menu!

    Also, a way to submit documentation of Sept. 17 events – to Facebook page, oe?

      1. You have nailed the sad truth in this catchy tune!! Thank you to everyone involved!! This it is now my favourite song!! Are you aware of a gathering in Sudbury Ontario to sing the Harperman song? I will attend and sing along!!

  25. Great job! We definitely need to inspire and educate young people and old to not just vote, but “vote smart” in this election… look at the polls for your riding and see who can actually beat the conservative candidate and vote for that person. It’s the only way to get them out. ALSO – make sure you remind everyone to register to vote, and to make sure they have the right ID to vote… it’s changed this year.

    1. I think you have to vote with your conscience, with your intellilgence and not strategically. Another party when it was in power did some incredibly stupid things as well leading directly to the sorry situation we have today. Why is nobody in this video wearing sunglasses? I thought sunglasses were de rigueur in paranoid harperland.

      1. Apparently he should have worn sunglasses, a hat and fake moustache, along with adopting a stage name. You see the result of NOT taking precautions where Harper is concerned… suspended? Wow!

  26. Exceptional! Congrats. So well done. Do try to get on more TV and radio programs. You have done a wonderful service for this country.

  27. For 5 long years a dedicated bunch of Canadians has been opposing the Harper regime’s acceptance in Canada of a bad U.S. law called FATCA. FATCA was passed in a U.S. omnibus bill (HIRE Act 2010) and accepted by the Harper government in its own omnibus bill (Bill C-31 2014). Although most Canadians aren’t aware of this law (yet), I wrote a Harperman verse dedicated to those who are adversely affected by FATCA (known as fat-ca). With hard work and help from international friends they raised $500,000 to get this injustice into the Canadian court system, hopefully all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Who attacks our charter rights?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Who ends up in courtroom fights?
    Harperman, Harperman
    The FATCA sellout travesty
    Is now in court for all to see
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

    Who invades our privacy?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Who plans this in secrecy?
    Harperman, Harperman
    Makes our banks follow U.S. law
    I.D. theft is the tragic flaw
    Harperman, it’s time for you to go

    1. Grateful thanks to you brave Tony Turner for the Harperman song and thanks to the many who sing backup, and those who have created further verses to educate and alert us all! Truly inspired campaign. I hope to sing along on Sept. 17 in solidarity.

      Bravo for another timely verse (ex. the one above from Em re the US extraterritorial FATCA law foisted on Canadian citizens and legal residents (google isaacbrocksociety.ca ) that lays bare the Harper legacy of foisting the Con agenda onto Canadians without our consent or meaningful public consultation – deliberately hiding massively significant legislation to bind us all, in offensive OMNIBILLS like C-51 (2015) and C-31 (2014) to name only a few.

    1. Tony Turner, please add another verse about Canada Post! The destruction of this essential public service is a crime.

  28. Most Excellent !
    I will send my widow’s mite to support the project.
    Ideas for collateral material:
    1) Bumper sticker with “HARPERMAN” in a circle with a red bar.
    2) Bumper sticker with http://WWW.HARPERMAN.CA
    3) T-shirt with the lyrics on the front and “HUCK FARPER” on the back.

  29. Hey Tony… Remember Captain Jack Farr and his right hand man Bill Casselman of The Radio Show?? Well – as they used to say at the end of every conversation: FIGHT!

  30. Well done! I’m so glad you guys did this. I had an idea of starting a “Stephen Harper, You can’t muzzle me!” campaign, but didn’t have the know how to get it off the ground. It was essentially the idea of getting everyday folks from across the country to voice their opposition to Stephen Harper in a short video clips, then edit the clips together to create a protest video with hopes of getting it to go viral on social media. What you all did is way better. Y’all are much more creative and talented then me. Thanks again for this song and the spot on lyrics!
    Thinking of you Tony and hoping that clearer heads prevail. If there’s any disciplinary action against you there’s going to be a whole bunch of us making noise.

  31. A poem for harper:
    ‘Lose some Sleep’

    Losing sleep over my
    black silk niqab, harper

    try to lose it over
    missing murdered red
    brown women
    of this fast-fracking
    land, harper

    Losing sleep over my
    black silk niqab, harper

    Lose it over
    homeless jobless
    multicoloured people
    of your C51-aspiring
    brand, harper

    Losing sleep over my
    black silk niqab, harper

    Lose it over
    spilled oil minimum wage
    toil poisoned soil
    of your tarsands-producing
    wasteland, harper

    By morning
    perhaps we’ll see the
    bright BARE face
    of a composite order for a
    national inquiry just economy
    sustainable development
    itself on the
    parliament hill
    in your soft pink
    hand, harper.
    A not-for-profit
    stand, harper.

    On the National Day of Action Against Bill C-51, 14 March 2015

    1. Considered publishing just the first two stanzas along with the link, but this poem is so powerful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  32. Thank you all for this song!!! I have passed it on to everyone I know!! Grassroots protest of this kind is an excellent example of true democracy!! I intend to vote but certainly not for “Harperman” or should I call him ” king”! He’s so full of male bovine manure, I can smell it on the east coast!!
    As for your suspension, I thought we still have freedom of speech or is that another right taken from us by this fear mongering, anti environment, anti science , anti Canada, pro big oil, war mongering bunch of yahoos otherwise known as the “Harper Conservative Government”!!! Let’s all agree on this one thing..HARPER AND HIS CRONIES HAVE GOT TO GO!!!!

    1. Thank you for this song!! We need more people like you to stand up for Canada. After hearing about Tony’s suspension I am sad to say I do not recognize this Canada. Every citizen has the right to share their opinion in an election campaign, no matter who they are employed by. Tony, if you don’t get to keep your job – get a lawyer!

  33. fabulous. Must be translated in French so the entire country can sign along.
    T-shirt, macarons, stick ers, flags everything should be considered.
    Let’s go for a first day september 17 and follow with a coast to coast flash mob, jam session, concert just before oct.19.
    Tv may not cover it because Harperman will musel them but he can not control social media.

    1. Great , Bravo . You should come in Québec where Harper is ( almost ) already gone …
      Fantastique initiative, great idea , que vous avez fait là … Belle gang de belles personnes , enthousiaste pour la justice , l’environnement et la démocratie CONTINUEZ s.v.p.
      You have talent , great voice … you should try to come here from time to time

  34. Thank you Tony Turner! Brilliant and catchy song, looking forward to Sep 17th. I hope you get to keep your job (if you still want it).

  35. I love this. Canadians standing up in jubilation to strike down the anti-democratic scourge that has gripped our beautiful country for so many years. Keep singing …. Everybody.

  36. This is *great* — but refers to much that Harper opponents are familiar with. Please please consider writing one that will spell out verse by verse the many misdeeds of the omnibus bills. There’s so much in them that it’s hard to highlight them all — certainly the laying waste to the protection of waterways and the surveillance bill are “up there”. The public at large is unaware of how unusual this form of “governance” is. The public at large is still puzzled by — or doesn’t remember — “proroguing”. Just saying your audience could be wider….

  37. Bravo! 100% in agreement with lyrics. As a PS employee I saw the devastating and demoralizing effects of Harper’s policy. Let’s bring pride back in the PS.

  38. Loved the song and message. It’s about time people stood up to the bully Harper and stop being sheep!! Let’s get rid of him.

  39. What a great song.

    It had me giggling throughout. But in all seriousness, the lyrics are in an accurate recount of Harperman’s actions during his way too long reign.

    But like Harperman, I am biased and I am not shy showing it. In Harperman’s own words, I am a second-class Canadian because of where I was born and raised.

    It is nice to know there are people in other parts of the country that detest him as much as me.

  40. Thank you all so much for putting the effort for putting a voice to your opinions! And please do not lose hope despite what the Harperman is trying to do by suspending you from EC. We’re so proud of you for standing up to the man. We’re sometimes a very passive when it comes to politics, so projects like will hopefully mobilize more people to take interest in the elections. We’re with you on this campaign to stand up for free speech and voice your dissent through this very catch tune. Bieber who?

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. How Canadian, people in funny hats and bare feet singing a protest song!!!!!
      How un-Canadian – the harperman mentality makes the protester suspended from his job!

    2. How about two more verses for the Harperman song:

      Who introduces repressive bills
      And gets them passed by a bunch of trained seals?
      Who remains silent like Egyptian mummy
      When peaceful protesters get kettled at the G20 summit?

      Who lowers taxes for the rich and greedy
      While ignoring those who are homeless or needy?
      Who stacks our Senate with obedient fools
      And uses them as his political tools?

  41. Mr. Turner –

    Just found out about your most excellent protest song and video. I just loved it!!! Glad to see some real spirit of real, peaceful, positive dissent and protest. And so glad that the tradition of protest songs is being revived! I’m from the U. S. and share many of your overriding concerns about today’s problems.

    I included a link to the NPR story about this on my latest blog post.
    God bless and keep up the good work!!!

  42. Can we crash a few of Harper’s election speeches and sing this great song til his hairpiece blows off?

    DUMP THE LUMP in October! He’s a blight on Canada.

  43. Make sure you sign up for adsense on this and use the money to make more. Also, put this on iTunes, and I will definitely buy it as will thousands more.

    Keep them coming. Big hit and trending.

  44. WOW! This is music to my ears. At last a true Canadian who voices the thoughts and touches the hearts of two-thirds of our people.

  45. Well, our American cousins have the Court Jester, Donald Trump to entertain them and get the grass roots going; now Canada has Tony Turner to entertain us. Keep up the good work!

    Mr. Turner is a breath of fresh air to one of the hundreds of ex-Civil Servants forced off their job during Trudeau’s “reign of terror” years when he was accused of using the RCMP as his own private police force during what the press was calling, “RCMP Wrong Doing”. The PM seemingly busied himself changing the character of the country by implementing metric conversion, forcing French on the Civil Service, and multiculturalism, and apparently sent his henchmen after any Civil Servant who unfortunately supported “The Alliance for Preservation of English in Canada”, an organization seemingly deemed “criminal” and an alleged “threat to national security”. It would be nice if the 20,000+ former Canadian Civil Servants who accepted a no-questions-asked automatic Green Card lottery to move to the United States compliments of the American Embassy, would return back to Canada to tell their individual stories. As the old saying goes: “The Truth Will Out”.

  46. I love this song. Just saw the story on CBC news online. I have posted the story on my Facebook page. Are the older women in the floral hats a local group of Raging Grannies? They sure look like it!

  47. PERFECT timing for your suspension! It will get the song WAY more attention, WAY more power, and public outrage over your suspension is likely to get it lifted.
    Way to go Tony. Proud of a fellow public servant who is committed to his country and humanity!

  48. Wonderful song and video! Thanks.
    These lines in particular are priceless:
    -“Who’s the rogue in prorogue?”
    -“Won’t but into climate change until it’s sold on the stock exchange” (LOVE!)
    -“Who turns watchdogs into lap dogs?” (My son loves that one too!)

    Also, great idea for the Cross Country Sing-a-long. Thanks so much for kicking things off.

  49. love it! Love it! Love it! My new theme song and humming song. I live in northern ontario but will be in ottawa on the 17th and will definitely join you!

    You have the support of the people on this one!
    Got your back!

  50. I didn’t hear the song until this morning, and now, everywhere I go, that chorus is in my head! It makes me giddy. The national singalong is going to be a blast.

  51. I just have to say kudos to you! I love this song and everything it stands for. Working in an environmental non-profit I have seen his handiwork first hand and can’t wait for him to be GONE!

  52. If any of you Cons (short for Conservatives) doubt the validity of these lyrics, please read Party of One by Michael Harris. Harpers sins read like an endictment of his 10 years in office.
    We want you gone!!!

  53. Thank you for the great song!!! I was just thinking we should have everyone play the “Would I lie to you?” song by the Eurythmics every time that Harper or his posse ‘answer questions’ or speak. Luckily I spotted the Ottawa Citizen article so I now have hope that we can finally get this less than honourable person out. Good luck in your fight against your wrongful dismissal. Thank you.

  54. Posted the following on my FB page. Have a connection to several performers in South Surrey / White Rock, BC and will be encouraging them to listen, share and participate. Grass roots efforts like this are what can and have created change.

    “Like all good protest/folk songs, the lyrics all speak the truth, it’s catchy as hell and it resonates throughout the land. This should become a classic. Listen, sing along, support the artist that created and turf Harperman in October. And as for anyone living up to an ethical standard, it’s kind of the kettle calling the pot black, if really want to know, Herr Harper.

    Woody Gutherie would be proud!”

  55. Love it!
    But why only T-shirts? How about bumper stickers, lapel buttons, lawn signs … ? Yes, lawn signs!!! We need lawn signs to combat all those blue things sprouting from our neighbours’ lawns. The ultimate form of political dissent!
    Thanks and good luck!

  56. You are doing a wonderful service to all citizens with this great parody. Canadians are so depressed after what the Duffy trial revealed and this horribly long election. Bravo to you all.! And I hope you get your job back when Trudeau is P.M.

  57. Just found out about your song and video reading the National Post this morning.
    Seems you posted it in June.
    Will the national media give you air time as a ‘story of national interest’ or will they claim that you guys are ‘expressing an opinion’ and that’s illegal too.
    You need to get the message out there, this video should go viral in
    Canada. Good luck.

  58. I’ve just read that Tony Turner has been suspended from his federal government job for posting Harperman. What won’t Harper do? Already Harper and his minions are using the tactics of 1930’s Germany to silence its critics. I fear for our future if he wins the election.

    1. Putin has gals thrown in jail for mocking him. Glad that Harper doesn’t have that power. Love the song and have printed off the lyrics.

  59. Hello,

    I really enjoy listening to the protst song and would like to invite you Tony Turner and some members (or all members) of your choir to sing the song of protest “Harperman” at one of our Institute union rallies in Ottawa or Gatineau in the near future before the election date of October 19th.

  60. Wonderful job. You are not the only ones who want Harper out. He has done enough damage. It is time for a change of philosophy. Thanks!

  61. Whatever has to be done to give this maximum circulation should be done. It is great! I will forward it to several. — Well done.

      1. Mr. Turner, this song is what this great nation needed. Finally, someone who’s had the balls to challenge this anti-democratic government. What the hell has happened to the right of expression,opinion and freedom of speech in this country. I can see our forefathers turning over their graves with what H (I won’t even spell his name) has done to us.

  62. Congratulations on this excellent Harperman Song Project! I hope to encourage others from other demographics perspectives to write lyrics or at least get involved. Here’s to Sept. 17th!

  63. And WHO, exactly, would you replace “Harperman” with?
    The callow, inexperienced son of a demagogue, Turdeau? The hopelessly naïve Tom Hotair? Or, the total whack-job (refer to the recent Ottawa Press Gallery dinner) Wizbeth Maynot?

    1. Hi Sam,
      I am disappointed! I thought you Was intelligent!
      But your comment proves you aren’t !! Try and smarten up, eh!!!

    1. Yes, thank you Tony turner! Harperman has got to go! And for those who ask who to vote for? Well, anybody will be better at this point. Let’s go NDP. At least Mulcair seems to have some wisdom – that inevitably comes with age. Justin is just not ready yet, he is just trying to ride his dad’s coat-tails.

  64. I loved the video. Everything that was sung was sooooo true.
    A great song! Hope Harper & his cronies are watching.
    I’m sending it to my Facebook friends. Hope the Conservative people listen.

  65. I Love It!!!! As a Flower Child of the Sixties, I remain faithful to the Power of the People. Wonderful lyrics & great music!! Hurrah!

  66. As of this morning, August 10, the Harperman video has had over 1 thousand views on Vimeo and over 42 thousand views on YouTube!

  67. What a beautiful, creative summary of all the nasty things and havoc Harper has reeked on our wonderful country in the past 9 years. Great presentation by what is obviously a great community! Very inspiring to all of us would be song writers.

  68. Hi,
    I love this song and agree with it 110%. However, I would like to dissemate it to our french speaking friends. So, is there a french version of it? If yes, where can I get a copy?

    Thanks and have a nice day……

  69. Brilliant! Would love to see this done by a full chorus of men and one token woman in business suits – done in a boardroom. And gospel style, rap style, operatic, blues, heavy metal, and so many more styles of music PLUS various ethnic communities and age groups. Spread the word (s) and tune folks. And lets not forget the forestry firefighters and wheat farmers, maybe even a police group…no impersonations of police though. How about the geek community and a bunch of teens in a mall too. Imagine what flash mobs this would make.

  70. Great song. I have shared it a number of times on FB, and will continue to do so every week or so (just in case somebody misses the post).

  71. I think This is a great Song. I would be proud to play that outside the Election Center in my comunity…Keep up good Work!

  72. Just listened to the song here in Dublin, Ireland. Excellent joyous protest. We will have to do similar here. Best of luck in getting rid of that fat sponge Harper.

  73. Strong words describing a desperate situation. The power of music is great, so this is a great plan to get the message past the popular media blindfolds.

  74. I hope you are able to get some videos of young people singing this song. It’s young people who will make the difference in this election.

  75. Harperman 2015 is a great idea. My only concern is – everyone seems to be having a lot of fun.

    We have to bite him!!

    There is no fun from where I stand. There is anger, disappointment and dismay. Would it be possible to include a dark and angry verse or two in a minor key, finishing with your current material?

    We wouldn’t be laughing and dancing if we saw this man stealing from our children and breeding contempt in the hearts of our neighbors and international partners. Well, this is what is happening.

  76. Congratulations!! Your song is terrific & your idea for a cross country sing-a-long is brilliant. Rhetoric tends to aggravate voters. Attack ads certainly do.
    This fun project gets the point across beautifully without turning voters off. Our group of “antiHarpers” will join you on Sept 17 online & spread the word.

  77. 12-07-2015
    Great sing-along. Keep it going.. We have to get rid of Harper and his gang. He’s not bad for Canada and Canadians … HE’S TRRRIBLE!

  78. thanks for this ray of light in a despairing country.
    Would you right a verse about Tony Clement? I am in his riding and have real concerns about his re-election. There is so much material to use with this Con. A snappy tune is so memorable for reminding others of this governing group.
    Thanks for considering my request.

  79. Hello,
    Loved your video! Please take a look at the video that I’ve posted on YouTube regarding the Harper government’s horrendous record on the Environment and his love of BIG OIL. Check it out here please, and pass it along.

    Like you, I’m trying to get it in front of as many faces as possible before the election. I am spreading the link to yours as well.
    Keep up the good work! John O’Brien

  80. Great song. Thanks for your efforts. Love the idea of keeping all the enraging events to the forefront. It’s also good to hear the anger in the solo singers’ voices. One thing missing is the presence of young voters. I understand it’s an evolving process. Looking forward to the coming versions. Thank you again. This gives me hope! Eva from Comox BC

  81. By July 18 the “Harperman” video has been viewed over 30,000 times on Youtube and 1,000 times on Vimeo since being posted on June 22nd (plus 2,000 times for the previous version). Wow!!

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