Crowd Funding Campiagn Launched

We raised $968 in our first Indiegogo campaign. But now, with all the free government publicity, we’ve launched a second crowdfunding campaign to support a “Harperman Cross-Canada Sing-Along” on Parliament Hill and 14 other locations across Canada on Thursday, September 17th. We are asking people to go to the Indiegogo page to to make a donation and help spread the word.

4 thoughts on “Crowd Funding Campiagn Launched”

  1. What a wonderful and important initiative! As an extension of it, I wonder if Canadians could be encouraged, on election day, to gather in the central area of their city or town with protest signs encouraging all other Canadians to restore democracy, integrity, honesty and transparency to Canadians politics by voting Harper and the Conservatives out of office.

  2. Can you show below your video the number of views on YouTube? It was 209,000 when I first looked. Now it is at 407,000, but I have to go to YouTube to see that. It’s great to see how the number of views is increasing, but it would encourage everyone to be able to see it right on this site.

  3. you need to increase the length of time that your fundraising is active for. I can’t donate right now since the site tells me the campaign is now closed. You’ll get a lot more hits to your site right now, considering you’re front page news (Aug 28 2015). Please re-open the campaign.

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