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Harperman is written and performed by Ottawa folk singer Tony Turner. Tony got his inspiration from an article in a social justice newsletter, and added to the list to create a toe-tapping participation song of protest.

  • Tony Turner perfoms Harperman
    • Tony Turner perfoms Harperman

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  • A Statement From Tony Turner - Regarding Harperman
    • A Statement From Tony Turner - Regarding Harperman

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Millions of people across the country have been enjoying the video since we posted it on June 22nd. The September 17 Cross-Canada Harperman Singalong was a massive success (See: the map of locations, and videos of many events).

Hamilton Seen, a Hamilton-based film company, made a documentary about Tony Turner’s suspension and the issues it raises for freedom of expression in Canada.  Entitled Harperman: A Dissident Serenade, the documentary encourages people to reflect on these issues. Here it is:

The Harperman Video Challenge – People across Canada mede their own video of the “Harperman” song and posted them on YouTube. Here is a wonderful compilation “Singing Out Harperman – A Nation in Unison” edited by Steve Beattie:

Words, music, graphics, audio files can be downloaded here.

To get involved in the Harperman project, send a message to Chris at harperman2015@gmail.com.

“Harperman: A Dissident Serenade” World Premier

Tony’s Turner’s “Harperman” protest song was posted on YouTube on June 22, 2015. Two months later, he was suspended from his job as a federal government scientist pending an investigation into whether his creation of this song breached his employer’s “values and ethics” code. We’ve had an election since then, but this policy remains in place, and all of our Freedom of Speech remains impinged. This documentary explores the fascinating and important issues this situation has raised.

Monday, 8 February 2016 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM (EST)
Mayfair Theatre – 1074 Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3 CA
Advance tickets online $11.99…

Pre-release: A Dissident Serenade

We have released a free online 43 minute documentary covering the issue of freedom of speech how we need to protect it and how easily it can be taken away if we are not vigilant. We picked an issue that is most important at this time. Please take a look and share far and wide.

  • A Dissident Serenade
    • A Dissident Serenade

    • Watch Video

We will be releasing the full length film in December with the world premiere in Ottawa. The film will cover the issues that are important to all Canadians no matter who gets into power. We cannot thank you enough for your time and we will be staying in touch to keep you appraised. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Cody.

Yours truly,
Zena Hagerty
Producer – Harperman – A Dissident Serenade

Harperman Farewell Sing A-Long Oct 18

Sunday 2:30 p.m. on Parliament Hill

Tony Turner and Chris White will lead the sing a-long.

Facebook event page…Event press releaseVideo press release

  • Harperman Farewell Sing-Along (Oct 18) promo
    • Harperman Farewell Sing-Along (Oct 18) promo

    • Watch Video

Tony Turner retires to sing another day!


Ottawa, October 2, 2015 – Tony Turner, the federal scientist whose popular political folk song “Harperman” became a YouTube sensation when it was reported he was under investigation for alleged violation of the Harper government’s 2012 values and ethics code, has chosen to retire rather than wait days or even weeks longer to learn his fate from his employer, Environment Canada, says the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC). Continue reading Tony Turner retires to sing another day!

Harperman T-shirts, Bandannas, Lawn Signs, Bumper Stickers

The Harperman merchandise sales are now over – the sale of teeshirts, bandannas and signs helped to support our cross country singing campaign- photos of these materials are here. We want to especially thank Carlos Graphics in Ottawa for their professionalism and their help in expediting printing when we were pressed for time.

For all of you across Canada, Harperman Graphics are posted on the Downloads Page . These may be used by you or by local printing companies to transfer to T-shirts, and signage.


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Meet the Musician and His Music

Tony Turner photo by Kate Morgan
Photo by Kate Morgan

A counterpoint to Harperman is Tony Turner’s Circle of Song – a universal anthem of unity. The song celebrates the power of music to connect people to each other and to the world. The song was inspired by small song circles and concert performances where performer and audience are magically united in the musical moment.

Circle of Song has found wide appeal as a choral piece in community and church choirs across Canada and in the United States. The song has just been published in Rise Again, the sequel to Rise Up Singing, the popular folk singer’s songbook.

Here are the two west coast events where I will be singing this weekend. Although they are Green Party events, they are intended to get the early vote out and, of course, my main message is anything but Harper. Elizabeth will be at both.

Saturday – https://www.facebook.com/events/1151796914848740/

Sunday – https://www.facebook.com/events/1629170920686256/

Please encourage the BC song organizers near these cities to spread the word, join the rallies, and sing along with me on Saturday or Sunday.

Read the rest and watch the Circle of Song Video

The mp3 audio version of Harperman is now available

You asked for it so with Tony’s permission here it is:

Want to download it? Here’s how:

  1. Click here to open the audio file on a new page
  2. Save the new page (File -> “Save page as” or Right-click -> “Save page as”)

That’s it! Have fun.

Alternate versions:
Ringtone (20 seconds of the chorus)
Karaoke (guitar and bass, no vocals)